Gascoyne Resources Limited 02R – Review Panel Declines to Make Interim Order

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The Panel refers to the application from Westgold Resources Limited seeking a review of the Panel’s decision in Gascoyne Resources Limited (see TP21/30, TP21/28 and TP21/25).

The review Panel has considered a request from Westgold Resources Limited for an interim order to defer the scheme meeting of Firefly Resources Limited (Firefly) shareholders currently scheduled for 2:00pm (Perth time) today, 27 October 2021 in relation to the proposed merger between Gascoyne Resources Limited and Firefly.

The review Panel has decided not to make that interim order.

The review Panel is still considering whether to conduct proceedings on the review.

The review Panel is Kelvin Barry, Diana Nicholson (sitting President) and John O’Sullivan.

Allan Bulman
Chief Executive, Takeovers Panel
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