Historical materials

The purpose of this section is to provide access to key historical materials relevant the Panel.  The objective is to provide a valuable resource for those researching Australian corporate law, in particular, on takeovers law and the Panel’s formation, powers and functions. For an overview of the historical legislative framework of takeovers law see Legislative framework and history.

Please click through to access the following historical materials:

  • Historical legislative review materials – including the Eggleston Committee Reports, the Rae Report and reports and papers of the Companies and Securities Law Review Committee (CSLRC), Corporations Law Simplification Program, Corporations Law Economic Reform Program (CLERP) and Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC).
  • Explanatory memoranda in respect of legislation relevant to the Panel’s formation, powers and functions.
  • Other historical reports, papers and policies – including Treasury papers and UK Parliamentary Reports.

Please note that while every care has been taken in the preparation and organisation of this material, the Panel does not guarantee, and accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever arising from or in connection to the accuracy or completeness of the materials.  If you have any corrections or suggestions in terms of improving the materials, please email the Panel Executive at takeovers@takeovers.gov.au.