Other historical reports, papers and policies

Treasury Papers

Title PDF download
Treasury Economic Paper Number 12 – Some Economic Implications of Takeovers (1986) PDF [492KB]
Takeovers issues – Treasury scoping paper 5 October 2012 PDF [126KB]
Increasing Transparency of the Beneficial Ownership of Companies – Treasury Consultation Paper (February 2017) PDF [857KB]
  • Submissions on the Consultation Paper
PDF [16.6MB]

UK Parliamentary Reports

Title PDF download
Report of the Company Law Amendment Committee 1918 (Wrenbury Committee) PDF [149KB]
Company Law Amendment Committee 1925-26 (Greene Committee) PDF [408KB]
Report of the Committee on Company Law Amendment 1945 (Cohen Committee) PDF [910KB]
Report of the Company Law Committee 1962 (Jenkins Committee) PDF [2.3MB]