Index of reasons

The Panel has prepared a topic and legislation index of the Panel's published reasons for decisions from 2000 to 30 June 2019.

Key takeover concepts

The Panel has prepared summaries of the Panel’s legislative framework and history, the key takeover provisions and the Panel’s major guidance notes, as well as a glossary of key takeover terminology.


Panel publications and other Panel materials

See reports and presentations published by the Panel, including its annual reports, compliance reports and surveys. Also see the Panel’s current MOU with ASIC.

Court decisions relevant to the Panel

See court decisions relevant to the Panel (from 1991 to present).


Historical materials relevant to the Panel

This page contains historical materials relevant to the Panel, including:

  • Historical legislative review materials – including the Eggleston Committee Reports, the Rae Report and reports and papers of the Companies and Securities Law Review Committee (CSLRC), Corporations Law Simplification Program, Corporations Law Economic Reform Program (CLERP) and Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC).
  • Explanatory memoranda in respect of legislation relevant to the Panel’s formation, powers and functions.
  • Other historical reports, papers and policies – including Treasury papers and UK Parliamentary Reports.