Skywest Limited 03 (Review) - Panel Publishes Reasons

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The Takeovers Panel (the Panel) has today published the reasons for its decision in relation to the application from CaptiveVision Capital Pty Ltd (CVC) dated 3 August 2004 seeking review of the decision made by the sitting Panel in the Skywest 03 proceedings in relation to CVC’s bid for all of the ordinary shares in Skywest Limited (Skywest).

The application for review was announced on 4 August 2004, in Panel media release TP704/72. The Review Panel’s decision was announced on 1 September 2004 in Panel media release TP04/80. The Panel also published media release TP04/82 on 10 September 2004, correcting a media release made by CVC. These releases are available on the Panel’s website at: Media Releases.

The Review Panel was Simon McKeon (President), Meredith Hellicar (sitting Deputy President) and Teresa Handicott.

The reasons of the Panel are available on the Panel’s website at: Decisions.

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