Ipsos Finds 91% of Stakeholders Satisfied with the Panel

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The Panel today released the results of its 2020 stakeholder survey conducted by Ipsos.

91% of stakeholders surveyed were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the Panel, with stakeholders also highly satisfied with:

  • the Panel’s effectiveness with proceedings
  • the Panel’s processes
  • sitting Panel composition in proceedings and
  • the Panel executive.

Most stakeholders perceive the Panel pays about the right level of attention to ASIC’s views, as well as seen to be conducting proceedings in a sufficient percentage of cases, with significant improvement in these categories compared to the 2015 survey.

The President of the Panel, Mr Alex Cartel, said “I wish to thank the 146 stakeholders who responded to the survey and Ipsos which conducted it”.

“It is pleasing to see that Ipsos concluded that sitting Panel composition is an area of strength for the Panel and that stakeholders rated the Panel executive highly, with minimal levels of dissatisfaction reported for both. It is clear that the success of the Panel during its 20 year plus history has been due to the quality of the Panel members and executive”.

The survey results are available on the Panel’s website.

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