Panel surveys

The Takeovers Panel Stakeholder Survey 2020 - Final Report

In 2020, the Takeovers Panel commissioned Ipsos to conduct a survey of its stakeholders including those who have participated in Panel applications since it last undertook a survey in 2015. The survey was conducted in part to coincide with the Panel's 20th year anniversary as a rejuvenated organisation. Data was collected via online methodology.

Takeovers Panel 2015 Stakeholder Survey - Public Report of Findings

In January 2015, the Takeovers Panel commissioned Evolve Research and Consulting to undertake a research study amongst its stakeholders. The Panel has adjudicated on 259 applications since it last undertook similar research in 2006. Those applications involved a range of stakeholders including lawyers, company representatives, investment bankers and regulatory bodies. This report was originally published on 11 August 2015. It was amended by Evolve Research and Consulting on 14 August 2015 to rectify typographical errors.

A Report on Stakeholder Assessment of the Takeovers Panel (2006)

In 2006, the Takeovers Panel commissioned Chant Link & Associates to prepare a report exploring stakeholder feedback on the performance of the Takeovers Panel over the previous six years.  The research was commissioned as part of the Takeovers Panel completing its fifth year of operation. The research was qualitative and involved a series of faceā€“to-face in-depth interviews with a variety of stakeholders including representatives from the legal community, investment banks, fund managers, stockbrokers, the corporate market, regulators, journalists, and a shareholder association. In total, 37 respondents from 33 organisations were interviewed (in some interviews two respondents were present).