Eggleston Committee Reports (1968-1972) and related memoranda

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1st Interim Report - Accounts and Audit (October 1968) PDF [458KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Drafting Comments on General Revision Bill (October 1968)
PDF [80KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Matters Arising out of 1st Interim Report (June 1970)
PDF [95KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Privilege for Auditors (October 1971)
PDF [70KB]
2nd Interim Report - Disclosure of Substantial Shareholdings and Takeovers (February 1969) PDF [230KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Substantial Shareholdings and Takeovers (December 1969)
PDF [145KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Takeover Bids and Stock Exchange Purchases (June 1970)
PDF [144KB]
3rd Interim Report - Investigations Provisions of the Uniform Companies Act (June 1969) PDF [307KB]
4th Interim Report - Misuse of Confidential Information, Dealings in Options and Disclosures by Directors (February 1970) PDF [213KB]
5th Interim Report – The Control of Fundraising, Share Capital and Debentures (October 1970) PDF [768KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Inclusion in Prospectus of Personal Detail Relating to Staff (June 1971)
PDF [77KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Variation of Interest Rates in Prospectuses (October 1971)
PDF [69KB]
  • 5th Interim Report - Offers to the Public: Comments of Officers Papers (October 1971)
PDF [143KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Offers to the Public (November 1971)
PDF [102KB]
6th Interim Report - Share Hawking (May 1972) PDF [226KB]
7th Interim Report - Registration of Charges (July 1972) PDF [353KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Australia-wide System of Company Registration (October 1971)
PDF [76KB]
Other memoranda
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Press Release of the Law Council of Australia
PDF [110KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Objections by Various Bodies to The Companies Bill
PDF [107KB]
  • Chairman's Memorandum re Takeover Offers (October 1971)
PDF [76KB]
  • Chairman’s Memorandum re Future Work of the Company Law Advisory Committee (July 1971)
PDF [249KB]