Reources – Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC)


Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC)

Compulsory Acquisitions Issues Paper (March 1994)

Compulsory Acquisitions Consultation Paper (November 1994)

Anomalies in the Takeovers Provisions of the Corporations Law - Discussion Paper (January 1993)

Anomalies in the Takeovers Provisions of the Corporations Law (March 1994)

Charges over Uncertified Securities (April 2001)

Collective Investments: Other People's Money (September 1993)

Commentary on CLERP Consultation Paper: Financial Products, Service Providers and Markets - An Integrated Framework (May 1999)

Compulsory Acquisitions Report (January 1996)

Compulsory Acquisitions and buy-outs (March 1999)

Compulsory Acquisitions - Report to Minister of FSR (March 2000)

Corporate Groups (May 2000)

Corporate Voluntary Administration (June 1998)

Director's duties - sections 181 & 189 of the Corporations Law (October 2000)

Insider Trading Discussion Paper (June 2001)

Jurisdictional Legal Risk for Collateral Securities (May 2000)

Law of derivatives - An international comparison (January 1995)

Liability of members of managed investment schemes (March 2000)

Netting in Financial Markets Transactions (June 1997)

Recommendations for Reform of Sections 621(4) and 623(2) CLERP Bill 1998 (December 1998)

Regulation of on-exchange and OTC Derivatives Markets (June 1997)

Report on an Enhanced Statutory Disclosure System (Sept 1991)

Review of continuous disclosure (November 1996)

Prospectus law reform sub-committee report (March 1992)

Qualifications and experience for secretaries of public companies (August 2000)

Shareholder participation in the modern listed public company (June 2000)

Statutory derivative action (July 1993)

Takeover Anomalies Final Report (March 1994)